ISO 9001:2015 the quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015
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According to the results of European tests, our fiber is 30% more cost-effective than competitors
We are trustedFibermix is number 1 in Ukraine. Our fiber is also sold under its own TM our partners. We are trusted
Fibermix is number 1 in Ukraine. Our fiber is also sold under its own TM our partners.
The CE certificate, along with European fiber manufacturers, is a mark of European quality.
A quality control system has been implemented in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. Availability of a modern laboratory.

FiberMix is a trade mark
combining three products

Macrofiber ArmoTec®
Microfiber FiberMix®
Macrofiber PolyMesh®
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Our company has a wide geography of product supplies. We are trusted not only by domestic, but also by companies from abroad.
A wide assortment and excellent quality of products, profitable terms of cooperation, an individual approach to each client, experienced staff, innovation in development - all this is an integral part of the successful work of FiberMix - a company that manufactures fibers for concrete.

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Frequently asked Questions

FiberMix is a trade mark
combining three products

  • Benefits of concrete with fiber

    Polypropylene Fiber

    High-quality building materials can significantly facilitate the construction of new facilities, as well as perform the reconstruction of existing capital buildings. For this reason, it is not surprising that polymer fiber for concrete has gained such incredible popularity. Polypropylene fiber refers to synthetic fibers, which include the smallest polymer particles that have a very different diameter. The product of the synthetic industry, which is used for the manufacture of fiber, demonstrates high technical characteristics, thanks to which concrete significantly improves its operational parameters.

    it is not difficult to Buy polymer fiber if you use the offer of a proven company. The production of the material allows you to significantly simplify the construction process, giving the structure:

    • reliability;
    • strength;
    • durability.

    The main purpose of fiber is concrete reinforcement. The fiber manages to evenly distribute the cement mixture, and the mortar becomes much better. Polyfibrous concrete reduces construction costs by a significant amount, so it would be an irrational decision to refuse to use it.

    Proven manufacturer of polypropylene fiber FiberMix®

    Polymer fiber for concrete is produced by extrusion. The method involves the use of a special machine on which raw materials are pressed through a grate-formator. As a result, the hot polymer acquires the required cross-section. At the final stage of production, it remains to cut the fiber into suitable segments, after which it is treated with a special impregnation, which helps to evenly distribute the component in the solution. Polymer fiber allows you to build structures of any complexity that are resistant to impact liquids. At the same time, concrete with the addition of fiber retains a small specific weight, so the process of installing concrete structures and their transportation is much easier.

    The manufacturer of polypropylene fiber, which can be fully trusted, will guarantee the purchase of high-quality concrete additives. You just need to take advantage of the offer of our website, whose managers are always ready to provide additional advice on products.

    When choosing a polymer additive, pay attention to what advantages it has.Polymer fiber has become popular in Ukraine for the following reasons:

    • the composition contains a huge amount of microfibers, which allow you to reinforce the mixture, increasing its adhesion in parallel;
    • the risk of concrete delamination is significantly reduced;
    • the probability of various cracks and bends remains minimal;
    • the fiber is not capable of damaging the pumping equipment for supplying the solution;
    • the material is not subject to clumping;
    • fiber can be used to implement projects of any complexity;
    • the material does not deform under the influence of acid or alkali.

    Best price for polymer fiber

    Fiber manufacturers can offer a wide variety of conditions for their customers, as well as a wide range of polymer additives. For this reason, you should be careful to end up buying a suitable option. Manufacturer of polypropylene fiber represented by FiberMix® has many years of experience, so its products meet high quality standards. You can buy buy fiber for concrete on our website and see it for yourself, as its price remains affordable.